Windows 7 L2TP/IPsec Instructions

Windows 7 L2TP/IPSec Instructions

The following steps will create a L2TP/IPSec VPN connection in Windows 7.

Open Network and Sharing Center in the Control Panel
Go to the Windows Menu, then Control Panel
Click on Network and Internet
Click on Network and Sharing Center
Click Setup a new connection or network
Choose Connect to a workplace then Next
Click Use my Internet Connection (VPN)
In the Internet address field, type one of the following names: (which is not listed here for security reasons, this information is included with your welcome mail)

In the Destination name field, type a descriptive name.
Check Don't connect now then click Next
Type in your VPN Login and Password in their respective fields; leave Domain blank
Check Remember this password
Click Create and then Close
Open VPN Connection Properties
In Network and Sharing Center, click Change adapter settings
Right-click your new connection and click Properties
Configure for L2TP/IPsec
On the Security tab, change the dropdown box from Automatic to Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol with IPsec (L2TP/IPsec)
Click Advanced and select Use preshared key for authentication
Enter our shared secuirty key "honamsec" (minus the parentheses - Case Sensitive) and click OK and OK again.
To Connect:
In the Windows Taskbar, click on the Network icon
Click on your new connection, and then click on the Connect button
Type in your VPN Login and Password in their respective fields (leave Domain field blank) and click Connect
To Disconnect:
Click the Network icon on the taskbar
Click the name of your VPN connection, then Disconnect
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