Windows XP PPTP Setup Instructions

Windows XP PPTP Setup Instructions

The following steps will create a PPTP VPN connection in Windows XP.

Open Network Connections in Control Panel
Click Start then Control Panel
Click Network and Internet Connections (skip if not there)
Click Network Connections
Click Create a new connection under Network Tasks in the left column, then Next
Select Connect to the network at my workplace then Next
Select Virtual Private Network connection then Next
Type VPN in the Company Name box then Next
Enter one of the following names in the Host Name field then Next : (which is not listed here for security reasons, this information is included with your welcome mail)

Select "My Use Only" if this is only for your Windows user account, or "Anyone's Use" if there are other Windows accounts that should have access to this VPN account
Click Add a shortcut to have a VPN shortcut added to your desktop
Click Finish
How to Connect
Double Click the VPN icon on your desktop or click Start, select Connect To and select VPN
Type your VPN Login and Password in their respective fields
Click Connect

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